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I brought some articles written by me with purpose of sharing some experience in building websites and some interesting things observed on the web. They were written for beginning web designers and would be useful to someone who want to transform his home pages to a developed web site, for web developers to look at expertise of others, and just for inquisitive persons who always want to know what's under the hood.

Original articles are in russian Below you can read some articles translated in english by Viktor Elfimoff.

33. We're draw banners - we'll spend a little time on advertising banner and talk how to make banner more effective, consider impact of the banner on the visitor.

28. What does site begin with? - Probably, this article should be the first, we'll discuss the beginning of creating web site and basic steps, which should be undertaken prior to the beginning work on sketches of the site.

22. JavaScript and object model - script languages in some sense have turned the world, dynamic web has appeared, which allows to do practically everything.

8. Optimization in GIF format - GIF format differs from JPG and uses other methods of compression.

7. Optimization in JPG format - you have a nice photo, and if it is loaded fast, then others can evaluate it too.

6. Picture is worth a thousand words - someone will be remembered by his mind, but dress makes first impression.

5. What is a stylish site? - why one page catches, and an other you want to leave right away.

4. Information is the basis of Internet - the very first question which can be presented to a web site: what are you up to?

3. Software for web-design - to create professional web pages you should professionally study some professional software.

1. How to create attractive website? - some common speculations, which, nevertheless, have rigid soil.