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What is a stylish site?

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Stylish website is said when each page of the publication has clear signs of a membership of the site, when navigation is easy, when search of information doesn't make you being lost and wasting time, when...

Stylish website is achieved by several approaches. Following elements participate in creation of the website style:

  • Font - through the publication it should have identical characteristics, such, as set of type, size and color.

  • Paragraph - it is preferred, that text alignment is chosen the same for the most of the pages.

  • Color scheme - it begins with a choice of three colors used for presentation of the text, links and visited links. All these parameters are located in the <body> tag. For example:

    <body bgcolor="#669900" text="#333333" link="#669900" vlink="#666666" alink="#000000">

    The color scheme should be repeated on all pages of the publication, it gives an impression of unified site. Try to choose the color of the links so that, the visitor see that it is a link, and at the same time it doesn't hinder him reading a text. Concerning the links there are two suggesting, first, as though if you want to make colors of the references and visited references identical (without no reason), try to give them a little difference, for instance make color already of visited reference a little darker, and second, it's happened that the underlined text in the Web symbolizes a link, so do not tempt to use the underlined text in the publication, use another way to emphasize the text. You know how disappointed it is when holding out your hand to a link to get details, but the pointer pays zero attention to it.

  • Website graphics - first, it should reflect common color scheme, secondly, you should think over the common concept of graphic design. All graphic elements can be divided into two basic groups: drawing and photo-realistic. Try do not mix these two types. Besides, if you put photos on your page, then work with them at first carefully - make if necessary color and tonal corrections, crop them, choose appropriate size, find style of edges of a photo. And then use the given design through all publication. Write comments to photos to parameter ALT of the IMG tag. It serves as description and helps visitor to stop loading, if he is no longer interested.

  • Navigation - it should help visitors not being lost in jungle of your site. Always leave possibility to get to a main page. Don't overlook, that many people come to your site using search engines, and they should be able to hit your start page. If you build your site navigation as graphic tool, make a text copy of it and place it somewhere in the bottom of your pages (text is loaded faster then images).

Probably, I have missed some elements participating in creation of a website style, but basic of them I mentioned. Following these not complex rules allows to get your pages professional view and make information of your website easy accessible.

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