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We're draw banners

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We'll spend a little time on advertising banner and talk how to make banner more effective, consider impact of the banner on the visitor.

Banners are used on the web for advertising other resources and, as a rule, their design is not connected in any way to contents of the page. So they look a little estranged. Exception is local banner, which can be design in accordance with the site style.

Designing web page take into account possibility of presence of a banner on the page.

There are few popular sizes of the banners, most used are 468x60, 100x100 and 88x31 (usually called button). Other sizes are used rarely, usually only as local banners.

Besides differences in sizes, banners can be different in type:

  • graphic,
  • html banners,
  • flash banners.

Last two are kind of complicated and specific. We'll look at a classical graphic banner with size 468x60 pixels.

As advertising tool some restrictions are applied to banners. The most important is "weight" of the banner measured in kilobytes. Popular size weight is in between 10 to 15 kb. I prefer size 12kb. Larger banner weight I consider heavy and not suitable for advertising, since the time required for loading, can exceed average time of looking through a page. Simply speaking, it has no time to be seen.

There are some approaches to reduce banner size. Formats of graphic banners are the same as for web page graphics - GIF and JPEG. GIF format allows creating animating banner, which increases it effectiveness. For photo images JPEG format is recommended. For others more appropriate is GIF format.

Advertising banner is similar to a street ad. People spend no more then 3-5 seconds seeing it, it takes relatively large space, and caring thought is expressed in distinct and figurative manner.

Main elements of the banner are slogan and visual image. Development begins after understanding objectives of the banner. There is nothing worse, than banner expresses what it is not linked to. In this case user appeared to be deceived, and instead of engaging the visitor we get opposite effect - hardly visitor will come again.

Banners should carry recognizable image of Company, or WebSite - like logo, site elements, and colors.

Good banner is a certain idea, which should interest the visitor and to light his desire to follow the link. It's necessary to take in to account, that any banner targets only curtain audience (potential audience of promoted site).

Start creating a banner with statement about what it does, and invent good slogan for it. Bad phrase may spoil most beautiful image. After getting appropriate textual element start selecting graphic illustration.

As a measurement of effectiveness of banners the term CTR is used, it measures percentage of ratio of clicks to a number of show-ups of banner. It is a not the only index, but most known. Numbers from 0.5% to 1.5% are considered normal.

So creating a banner, we develop some idea, text and graphic.

Engineering thoughts

We pay attention to a fact that banner will be put at estranged environment, and we don't know about page contents, color gamma. What we do, we emphasize the banner boundaries, for example draw black frame with width one pixel. Also we won't use transparent background, it will be continuous (but not necessarily one-color).

Art thoughts

Banner should carry a certain idea, otherwise it won't be attractive, anything entertaining, intriguing a potential visitor. Good banner can be compared to a puzzle - solved not at once, but when done gives positive emotions and remembered.

A riddle in design is like seeing something new every time you study good painting. Designer creates a riddle, "encodes" it, and a user gradually opens these riddles (in most cases at subconscious level), and often a slogan serves as a key. With animated GIF, we have more possibilities, divide a riddle in a few frames and gradually open it...

Consider a banner with visual element. Photographic or graphic image appears in a composition as a central element. Besides next basic text element the banner includes:

  1. Color gamma,
  2. Additional text (like page address and comments),
  3. Additional elements underlining a basic idea and style of the banner. It's worth to mention that much easier to create banner using templates.

To make effective and good banner is not easy. It can takes hours creating some simple banner. It's true, if you don't like created banner, others won't like it too.

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