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How to create attractive website?

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So, you wish to create nice, useful, and convenient website. What you should to do? What factors popular website depends on? What is the best to begin with? And what mistakes can trap you on this way?

This is a try to point to the basic reasons of the site popularity:

  • Content is one of the most important components. If there is no useful information on website, capable to attract certain circle of users, a question of necessity of existence of the site arises. Recollect, how much useful pages you saw recently in comparison with total of pages visited by you?

  • Design is second on importance component of the good site. Attractiveness of web pages depends on design, and thereafter defines how many people additionally want to reach and to look at your site. If you like a site, you will tell about it to your friends. Don't forget, dress makes first impression.

    A good site, you can make it even without graphics. There are useful sites with minimum images, and useless mass of pages cramped with megabytes of pictures. Style is very important to a site, as well as in other designing projects, it gives face and recognizing to it. We will talk about principles of creating stylish web pages.

  • Loading speed of your pages. ANY NORMAL PERSON WON'T WAIT AN HOUR YOUR PAGE TO LOAD. Therefore pages should be optimized to get their least size (certainly, in reasonable limits). Let's consider maximum admissible size of average web page. With slow connection (5 Kb/s) in 30 sec the user get a page in 150 Kb size. Welcome page of MSN.com has in average 100 Kb size, together with all graphics. If you need to place information of a large size, notify about it the user or arrange information on several pages.

  • Advertising of your website. This includes registration with popular search engines, placement information in mass media, newspapers, magazines, also business cards, ads etc. Besides, website should include e-mail for feedback or phone number.

  • The clear and logic structure of arrangement of information. Searching necessary information, nothing makes you tired more then poorly structured sites.

  • Lack of errors. Re-read that you have written before exhibiting to the world review.

Here, perhaps, are basic principles guaranteeing success to your website and through it well being and popularity to you, your corporation, club, movement...

Do exercise, try to observe on Internet the load time and it justification of different pages. Look how clear the information structure is, and how easy to use it.

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